The Cambodian People have every desire to support their families and improve their quality of life, but are limited by the resources and knowledge at hand.  Privation and low education are formidable, often insurmountable, barriers without the help of dedicated non-profit organizations.  Trailblazer Cambodia Organization imagines a Cambodia whose people are not shackled by poverty and every family is able to live life in all its fullness.  These are the ideals to which TCO holds itself as it strives to help local communities.  Among those most severely affected by resource and knowledge limitations are rural, farming families.  This segment of the population is entirely dependent on the environment for livelihood, and the whole of Cambodia is dependent on them for nutrition.  As such, when farmers suffer, all Cambodian people suffer.  TCO believes that the key to lifting rural communities out of poverty is engaging them with sustainable agriculture to improve crop yields while conserving resources.  Rather than imposing these practices, TCO seeks to collaborate with and empower farmers as equal partners in the development process.  This is not only essential for implementation; it is also paramount for maintaining freedom of choice in the target communities.  By helping rural families to rise out of poverty, TCO contributes to a future where all Cambodians may enjoy life to its fullest.

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