Ms. Phoungmaly Nhean is Founder / Executive Director of Rachna Satrei Organization more than 15 years since 2005 up now and her mission is to inspire young women and women become leadership through strengthening knowledge, skills, economics, management and leadership, she working to Promote:


In Year 2012 the members of NGOs Network at subnational level voted her become Committee and latter as chairwoman of NCN-SR under her coordination NGOs and Association 322 including local and international in Siem Reap. As the Chair, she represents the voice of more than 322 NGOs that work in different fields, work partners with government and private sectors . She had a high commitment lead to connect the network to regional outh-east Asian and internal.

2019-currently she is a committee of NGO Technical working groups with various government Ministries like the Ministry of Interior, General Department of Taxation, Women Affaire Ministry, Moreover, she is volunteer as the steering committee Gender and Development for Cambodia, The NGO Forum for Cambodia and board director of the NGOs as Cooperation Committee for Cambodia, Community Legal Education Centre, The Advocacy and Policy Institute at national, and four other NGOs sub- national level.

Education she has completed her master degree in 2005 Accounting Administration and General management in 2008 and PhD public administration in 2015 , Build Bright University of Cambodia.

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