About Trailblazer Cambodia Organization

Trailblazer Cambodia Organization (TCO) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, established inAugust 2008 by a group of Cambodian agricultural and rural development specialists. TCO was officiallyregistered and recognized by the Ministry of Interior in August 2008 (Number: 1002). Both staff and themanagement team have experiences working with natural resources management, communitydevelopment, agriculture, livelihood, water sanitation and hygiene. We have skills in organizing andsupporting communities in all aspects of community research and development. As such, TCO is committedto alleviating poverty in the rural areas of Cambodia and improving the quality of life of Cambodianvillagers and their families by coordinating with all stakeholders including government line agencies, NGOs,and relevant stakeholders at all levels.
TCO’s vision:Every family will be able to live in all its fullness.
TCO’s missions are as follows:
To contribute to the alleviation of poverty in our target areas of Cambodia andimprove the overall quality of life for the families who live there.
Core value and guiding principles:
- High degree of Commitment
- Honesty
- Responsibility
- Respectfulness
Overall objectives:
1.Improve livelihood and food security for target beneficiaries.
2. Enhance sustainable natural resource management.
3. Improve community access to WASH services.
4. Enhance education for target beneficiaries.
5. Secure funding for the organization in order to be able to implementfuture needs. Text and some pictures: (from TCO facebook page)

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